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Packaging and displays

The colourful world of printed packaging is the world of KOLB Print+. From small logos and notes to all-over printed motifs in brilliant quality, we use four printing technologies to make sure your product ends up exactly where it belongs — in full focus.

With KOLB PostPrint, KOLB PrePrint, KOLB OffsetPrint and KOLB DigitalPrint, we can find the appropriate printing technology to suit both your creative requirements and your desired print run.

Our expertly trained and creative staff are available at all times and are always able to suggest new approaches thanks to their extensive experience. Whether providing punching contours to build a layout, data conversion, data transfer or corrections — our staff are ready to assist you. From the preparation of your data for printing right through to the production of fully exposed offset plates, KNAUER PrePress ensures optimal conditions for the further production of your product.

KOLB Print+


  • Sales packaging and slipcases
  • Sales and storage packaging
  • Sales packaging with interior
  • Large format sales packaging
  • Packaging for accessories
  • Bag-in-box packaging
  • Sausage & cheese Packaging
  • Customer stoppers
  • Counter dispensers
  • Dispensers and shelf displays / SRP
  • Counter displays for functional drinks
  • Display solutions for beverages
  • Confectionery displays
  • 3D mailing and craft items

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Household goods

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