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As the centre of excellence for offset printed packaging solutions within the KOLB group of companies, KNAUER is able to use its many decades of experience and know-how to complement the KOLB Print+ and KOLB Display product lines.

Since its establishment in Dettingen/Erms on 1 April 1928, the company has been creating customised solutions that are especially designed and produced according to customer requirements for over 85 years. As early as the 1950s KNAUER was one of the pioneers in the market for offset lamination.

Since 2012, KNAUER has been using state-of-the-art equipment to carry out in-line lamination and subsequent processing, resulting in packaging and displays that are highly impressive in many respects. With innovative ideas and solutions from the developers at KNAUER Design and our in-house pre-press, we are able to get right to the heart of our clients’ needs — KNAUER packaging simply makes a great impression both at the P.O.S. and with your customers.

A total of 1,000 employees at five production sites throughout the KOLB group of companies are thus engaged in the pursuit of a single common goal: better packaging!


Dr.-Ing. Bernhard Ruffing and Armin Keller

Dr. of Engineering Bernhard Ruffing
With a doctorate in mechanical engineering, he successfully worked in the automobile and construction supply industries. Since 2007, he has taken over the reins of HANS KOLB Corrugated Cardboard. Since the integration of Gebr. Knauer GmbH + Co. KG in the KOLB Group, he has been responsible as the chairman of the management board since the beginning of 2014. He is also vice chairman of the Association of Bavarian paper, cardboard and plastics processing industry (VBPV) and member of the Chamber of Commerce Regional Council Memmingen/Unterallgäu.

Armin Keller
Upon successful completion of his studies at the University for Print and Media in Stuttgart in 1993, Armin Keller began his career at Gebr. KNAUER GmbH + Co. KG as an assistant to the management, taking a leading role in late 1999. In the following years he was responsible for most of the technical and logistical development of the company. In May 2012 he became a member of the senior management team and, since 01/01/2014, he has jointly managed the traditional family company at the site in Dettingen/Erms alongside Dr.-Ing (PhD, Eng) Bernhard Ruffing.

Innovation – Meeting customer requirements

As our client, you are essentially faced with the problem of presenting your product in packaging that effectively promotes its sale. In addition to a specific design, there are many other aspects to consider, such as the cost of the packaging process and the shipping logistics, as well as any required protection during transport and the chosen solution’s transferability to other products.
Our innovative strength is based on our decades of experience in developing solutions for customers in virtually all industries and the corresponding market successes achieved with the help of our packaging technology. We are here to help and advise you with our expertise and cost-effective solutions. Whether our development professionals at KNAUER Design, KNAUER PrePress or the entire, dedicated production team, our promise of “better packaging!” is always the focus.


  • Fairness and cooperation must come before the interest of the individual.
  • Our success is based on teamwork.
  • Our main objectives are the satisfaction of our customers and the establishment of long-term relationships with business partners.
  • We are committed to excellence. We continuously work at improving productivity at all levels of the company and are operating a continuous improvement system.
  • We respond quickly and flexibly to the changes in the market and the activities of our competitors. Our success is only possible thanks to ongoing staff training, ensuring that all our employees have the necessary skills and can act as highly motivated, well-informed and professional contacts for customers and suppliers alike.
  • Continuous growth and increasing profits form the commercial basis for our success.
  • Innovation and a commitment to technological leadership are among our chief goals. In all aspects of business we strive to lead, rather than to follow our competitors.
  • Our relationships with suppliers are based on fairness and partnership. In all our business transactions and partnerships, we always act according to the principles of honesty and integrity. In all aspects of business we strive to lead, rather than to follow our competitors. We are responsible for the effect of our actions on society and on the environment.


Foundation of the company as Knauer Kartonagenfabrik

Introduction of innovative offset printing technology for cardboard packaging

In the 1950s, a new plant was acquired in Uracher Strasse and the company assumed a pioneering role in the field of offset lamination

Construction of a high-bay warehouse with 6,000 pallet spaces

Start of production of corrugated cardboard with in-line lamination

Certification to DIN/ISO 9001

Introduction of the “Boxsoft” integrated ERP system

Installation of a KBA high-tech printing press

Commissioning of a Bobst high-performance punching machine

Commissioning of an ultramodern Asitrade in-line laminating system

Modernisation and expansion of the production and administration building

Integration into the KOLB group of companies